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Astana, Kazakhstan
25-29 August 2017
"Disarm for a Climate of Peace"
Address at the IPB World Congre
Berlin, Germany
03 October 2016
Who Is Afraid of Consensus? - The NPT review process by Jayantha Dhanapala
August 2016
The security impacts of lethal autonomous weapons systems Presentation by Jayantha Dhanapala
Convention on Conventional Weapons Third informal meeting of experts on lethal autonomous weapons systems.
Geneva. April 14, 2016
Ioujima, Nagasaki, Japan. November 04, 2015.
The Nineteenth Amendment: Centrepiece of Good Governance
Groundviews - 18th June 2015
2015 RevCon for the NPT by Jayantha Dhanapala (Global Governance)
Vol. 21 No. 1 Jan-Mar. 2015
Denuclearization of Northeast Asia and of the World ? Developing a Comprehensive Approach to NEA-NWFZ: Workshop III
September 14(Sun)-16(Tue), 2014 Tokyo
Speech : "Nuclear Weapon-Free Zones-Affirmative Action by Non-Nuclear Weapon States in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty"
The Contribution of Nuclear Weapon-Free Zones to the Global Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament Regime
October 2011 p 06 -11
Fulfill and Strengthen the Bargain
Article written for Arms Control Today
June 2008
The Urgency of Disarmament
Special Keynote Address made at the Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, 16th June 2008
Arctic Security Problems - A Multilateral Perspective
Public Lecture made at the Simon Fraser University, 12th March 2008
What further steps could Non-Nuclear Weapon States take to
strengthen the Non-Proliferation Regime?
Paper presented at "Achieving the Vision of a World Free of Nuclear Weapons" at the International Conference on Nuclear Disarmament, Oslo February 26-27 2008
Disarmament and Development at the Global Level

Speech made at the Seminar "Books or Bombs" Sustainable Disarmament for Sustainable Development, organised by the International Peace Bureau, 11-12 November 2007

A Shove from the Second Row

Based on remarks made at the launch of 'Negotiating with the Tigers (LTTE) 2002-2005 by Dr. John Goneratne(Stamford Lake) on 14 June, 2007
Rebuilding an Unraveled Consensus for Sustainable Nonproliferation

Chapter 3 of the Century Foundation’s latest publication, Breaking the Nuclear Impasse, which features fresh analysis from some of the most recognized analysts and practitioners of nuclear arms policy.
Counter-Proliferation and The Role of The United Nations Security Council by Jayantha Dhanapala
International Conference on Preventing Nuclear
Catastrophe, Luxembourg 24-25 May, 2007
Nuclear Weapons and their Challenge to Asian Security
The Sentosa Roundtable on Asian Security, Singapore.
12-13 December 2006.
A Time for Action - The Report of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission By Jayantha Dhanapala
7th World Summit of Peace Laureates - "Atoms for Peace or for War"
ROME, 17 November 2006
Security Sector Reform in Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: Towards an EU-UN Partnership?
Keynote Address, DCAF-EPC-KBF Workshop
Polak Room, Résidence Palace, Brussels, 28 June 2006
Symbiotic link between Peace and Development
Sri Lankan Development Forum, Kandy, 17 May 2005
The Resurrection of Multilateral Disarmament
Dorothy Hodgkin Memorial Lecture
The Role of Technology and Politics
53rd Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs Advancing Human Security
Nova Scotia, Canada . 21 July 2003
“Making Peace Last: Disarmament as an Essential Element”
NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace and Security Workshop, DPI/NGO Conference, United Nations, New York, 10 September 2002
“Let’s Get Together Against Terrorism”

with Ramesh Thakur, International Herald Tribune, June 4, 2002, UNU Update, The Newsletter of the United National University, Issue 18, July – August 2002

"The Canberra Commission: Lessons Learned for a Future Commission"
The Ideas-Institutional Nexus, A Conference Co-Hosted by the University of  Waterloo and United Nations University, Waterloo (Ontario), Canada, 18 May 2002.
"Remarks upon accepting the Alan Cranston Peace Award"
Hosted by the Global Security Institute, United Nations, New York, 16 April 2002
“Disarmament, Non-Proliferation and the Rule of Law”
Address Commemorating the Twentieth Anniversary of the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy, New York, New York, 27th November 2001
( dhanapalalcnpspeech.htm)
“A Disarming Proposition: Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Disarmament”
Harvard International Review, Summer 2001, Vol. 23 No. 2, p. 48-52
“A Future Arms Control and Disarmament Agenda”
1999  Olof Palme Memorial Lecture, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Stockholm,  Sweden, 30 September 1999
“Prospects for Nuclear Disarmament”
Sir Kenneth Bailey Memorial  Lecture, Commemoration of the Centenary of the 1899 Hague Peace Conference, University of Melbourne, Australia, Faculty of Law, 19 February 1999.
This lecture was later published in Timothy L.H.  McCormack, Michael Tilbury and Gillian D Triggs (eds), A Century of War and Peace: Asia-Pacific Perspectives on the Centenary of the 1899 Hague Peace Conference (The Hague:Kluwer Law International, 2001), pp. 201-212
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