Biography Newsroom Writing & Statements
Reflections on the Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
Dhanapala, J. & Rauf, T., 2016. Reflections on the Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. Solna: SIPRI.
Nuclear Collisions: Discord, Reform & the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime
Miller, Steven E., Wael Al-Assad, Jayantha Dhanapala, C. Raja Mohan, and Ta Minh Tuan. "Nuclear Collisions: Discord, Reform & the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime." Paper, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, April 2012.
A Garland for Ashley, Glimpse of a Life
Tissa Jayatilaka, Jayantha Dhanapala (eds),  (Kandy:The Ashley Halpe Felicitation Committee, 2008) ISBN: 978-955-0046-00-3
Repositioning Sri Lanka in the New World Economic Order- The Role of the Private Sector
Chelvan Kanaganayakam(ed) Arbiters of a National Imaginary: Essays on Sri Lanka, Festschrift for Professor Ashley Halpe, (Colombo, Sri Lanka :International Center for Ethnic Studies, 2008) pp 58-68, ISBN 978-955-580-118-8
Felicitation Volume - Sri Lanka Pugwash Group
(a selection of original papers by Jayantha Dhanapala and others, honoring the cause of peace on earth, The Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs)
Jayantha Dhanapala, President 2007-2012, Published by the Sri Lanka Pugwash Group, Printer: Vishva Lekha, Nov 2007, ISBN: 978-955-647-005-5  
"Rebuilding an Unraveled Consensus for Sustainable Nonproliferation"

Chapter 3 of the Century Foundation’s latest publication, Breaking the Nuclear Impasse, which features fresh analysis from some of the most
recognized analysts and practitioners of nuclear arms policy. Click here to download the article.
"Multilateral Diplomacy and the NPT: An Insider's Account"
Jayantha Dhanapala with R. Rydell, Geneva: United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, 2005
"Regional Approaches to Disarmament, Security and Stability"
Jayantha Dhanapala (ed.), Geneva: UNIDIR, 1993, published for UNIDIR by Dartmouth (Aldershot)
"The United Nations, Disarmament and Security: Evolution and Prospects"
Jayantha Dhanapala (ed.), Geneva: UNIDIR, 1991
"China and the Third World"
Jayantha Dhanapala, New Delhi: Vikas, 1985
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