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President, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review and Extension Conference, April 1995
© UN Photo
  Presentation of credentials as newly appointed Sri Lankan Ambassador to the USA to President William Clinton at the White House, Washington DC, March 1995   Appointment as Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the USA and Ambassador of Mexico (concurrent), 1995   Ms Nishimizu, Vice President, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, signs loan agreement with Jayantha Dhanapala during his tenure as Sri Lankan Ambassador for the USA (1995-97) in Washington DC, USA
Appointment as Deputy High Commissioner, Sri Lanka High Commission, New Delhi, India, 1981   Signing of Sri Lanka-China Joint Statement with Prime Minister Mrs Bandaranaike and Premier Zhou Enlai at the conclusion of the state visit to China in October 1972. Jayantha Dhanapala looks on as Assistant Secretary (East and South East Asia), Ministry of Defense and External Affairs, Colombo, Sri Lanka   As Third Secretary, Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing, part of a Sri Lankan delegation headed by Hon. Hugh Fernando, Sri Lanka's Minister of Trade and Commerce, meeting Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, China, 1969   Winner, Herald Tribune Essay Competition, with President (then Senator) John F Kennedy, 1957
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