Biography Newsroom Writings & Statements
It takes one fool pressing a button to start nuclear war - ex-UN Disarmament Under-Sec (VIDEO)
RT - 29th January 2018
Review - "Tradition Adapts to Modernity - A Personal Narrative By Nanda Pethiyagoda Wanasundera
The Island - 27th January 2018
The Reality of North Korea as a Nuclear Power
IPS - News Agency -11th January 2018
Remembering Arthur C Clarke: Jayantha Dhanapala (VIDEO)
Arthur C Clarke Trust - 14th December 2017
Disarmament Expert Proposes Kazakh Capital City Astana as Venue for Talks on Korean Peninsula
IDN InDepth News - 20th September 2017
Finally, Nuclear Weapons Are Outlawed
IDN InDepth News - 07th July 2017
Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe - The Doomed King
Silumina - 28th May 2017
Nuclear Risks in North East Asia Call For A Mutual Pullback
IDN InDepth News - 04th May 2017
In Memoriam: Remembering Miguel Marin Bosch
IDN InDepth News - 28th April 2017
2020 NPT Review Conference Needs Innovative Strategies
IDN InDepth News - 28th March 2017
Celebrating Tlatelolco - The First Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone
IDN InDepth News - 20th February 2017
Sri Lanka Unites Outstanding Role Model - Amb. Jayantha Dhanapala
Sri Lanka Unites - 01st February 2017
LMD Benchmark - Wish List for 2017 (VIDEO)
LMD - 16th January 2017
The Nuclear Requiem (VIDEO)
A Film by Robert E. Frye - 28th December 2016
Jayantha Dhanapala at The Luxembourg Forum (VIDEO)
Dennis Zinn - 12th December 2016
Populism is Counterfeit Democracy
IDN InDepth News - 26th November 2016
A World View from Kandy | Jayantha Dhanapala | TEDxKandy (VIDEO)
TedX Kandy - 19th October 2016
The Legacy of the Reykjavik Summit - The Road Ahead
IDN InDepth News - 13th October 2016
From Placebo Nuclear Disarmament to a Nuke Free World
IDN InDepth News - 02nd October 2016
Great World Leaders met by Jayantha Dhanapala - Robert McNamara (Article is in Sinhala)
Silumina - 17th September 2016
Great World Leaders met by Jayantha Dhanapala - Henry Kissinger (Article is in Sinhala)
Silumina - 10th September 2016
Great World Leaders met by Jayantha Dhanapala - Aung San Suu Kyi (Article is in Sinhala)
Silumina - 03rd September 2016
Senate chairman receives leader of Pugwash conferences on science and world affairs (VIDEO)
Kazakh TV - 31st August 2016
Kazakh Contribution to Building a Nuke Free World: A Tribute
IDN InDepth News - 30th August 2016
Great World Leaders met by Jayantha Dhanapala - Jody Williams (Article is in Sinhala)
Silumina - 28th August 2016
Great World Leaders met by Jayantha Dhanapala - Kofi Annan (Article is in Sinhala)
Silumina - 21st August 2016
Great World Leaders met by Jayantha Dhanapala - Nelson Mandela (Article is in Sinhala)
Silumina - 14th August 2016
Great World Leaders met by Jayantha Dhanapala - Mikhail Gorbachev (Article is in Sinhala)
Silumina - 06th August 2016
Great World Leaders met by Jayantha Dhanapala - Bill Clinton (Article is in Sinhala)
Silumina - 30th July 2016
Great World Leaders met by Jayantha Dhanapala - Indira Gandhi (Article is in Sinhala)
Silumina - 23th July 2016
Great World Leaders met by Jayantha Dhanapala - CHOU EN-LAI (Article is in Sinhala)
Silumina - 17th July 2016
Pugwash Statement on the Recent UK Independent (Chilcot) Report on Iraq War
Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs - 12th July 2016
Will Brexit Have Political Ramifications at UN?
IPS - News Agency - 27th June 2016
Interview with Jayantha Dhanapala, president of the Pugwash Conferences on Science & World Affairs, a co-founder of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, at the third Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) meeting on killer robots at the UN in Geneva (VIDEO)
Campaign to Stop Killer Robots - 12th April 2016
A New Agenda for Nuclear Disarmament: Q&A with Jayantha Dhanapala
Independent Commission on Multilateralism - ICM - 26th April 2016
2016 Nuclear Security Summit: Obama's Last Hurrah
IDN InDepth News - 04th April 2016
LMD Benchmark - Wish List for 2016 (VIDEO)
LMD - 18th January 2016
Statement on DPRK Nuclear Testing
Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs - 06th January 2016
Sri Lanka citizens grouping concerned over proposed Megapolis law
Economy Next - 11th December 2015
As I See It: Urgent action required on climate change
Gazette Times - 10th December 2015
A Monk for all Sri Lankans Tributes
Sunday Island - 14th November 2015
New Research Stresses Need For Banning the Bomb
IDN InDepth News - November 2015
Need For Dialogue Among Divides : A Pugwash Perspective
IDN InDepth News - 07th November 2015
U.S. 100th Member State to Join Nuke Terrorism Treaty
IPS - News Agency - 30th September 2015
Japan And Kazakh To Facilitate Entry Into Force Of Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty - Analysis
Eurasia Review - 23rd September 2015
Disarmament Talk with Jayantha Dhanapala, Former UN USG for Disarmament Affairs
Ronald Joshua - 28th August 2015
The Nineteenth Amendment: Centrepiece of Good Governance
Groundviews - 18th June 2015
Statement on the 2015 NPT Review Conference
Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs - 25th May 2015
Contributing to International Peace and Security in an Increasingly Unstable World: The Urgency of Action on the CTBT
United Nations Web TV - 28th April 2015
U.N. Warns of Growing Divide Between Nuclear Haves and Have-Nots
IPS - News Agency - April 2015
U.N. Warns of Growing Divide Between Nuclear Haves and Have-Nots
IPS - News Agency - April 2015
The U.N. at 70: U.N. Reform Must Benefit All Countries
IPS - News Agency - 28th March 2015
Nucear Weapons Treaty at a Crossroads - Dhanapala, Duarte
Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs - 6th February 2015
Chaos Threatens The Globe
LMD of February 2015 p 72-74
Dhanapala quits Cargills Board to take up Senior Presidential Advisor role
DailyFT of 14th January 2015
'Sirisena's election an opportunity for a fresh foreign policy'
The Hindu of 09th January 2015
The Current World Disorder
IDN-InDepth News - January 2015
Wish list for 2015 (Video)
LMD 05th January 2015
A Final Appeal to Fellow Voters (In Sinhala)
Friday Forum Media Release - 02nd January 2015
A Final Appeal to Fellow Voters
Friday Forum Media Release - 02nd January 2015
Third term or Fresh start
LMD of January 2015 p 116-119
Minister S.B.Dissanayake should make a public apology and resign
Friday Forum Media Release - 16th December 2014
'India needn't be insecure about Chinese presence in Sri Lanka'
The Hindu of 13th December 2014
The Year Review (Video)
LMD 29th December 2014
The Spirit of Sri Lanka Cricket
LMD of December 2014 p 127-130
A Nuclear-Weapon-Free North-East Asia?
LMD of December 2014 p 78-80
OPINION: A Plea for Banning Nuke Tests and Nuclear Weapons
IPS - News Agency
23rd November 2014
IPS Honours Crusader for Nuclear Abolition
IPS - News Agency
19th November 2014
Dhanapala to Receive IPS Award for Nuclear Disarmament
The Nation Newspaper
14th November 2014
Dhanapala to Receive IPS Award for Nuclear Disarmament
IEDE - Independent European Daily Express
14th November 2014
Dhanapala to Receive IPS Award for Nuclear Disarmament
IPS - News Agency
13th November 2014
Jayantha Dhanapala - Winner of 2014 IPS International Achievement Award for Nuclear Disarmament
IPS - Inter Press Service
Modi's Diplomatic Manoeuverse
LMD of November 2014 p 68-70
Absent in Action Sri Lanka on Nuclear Weapons
The Island - 04th November 2014
A Nuclear Weapon Free Zone for North-East Asia?
IDN-InDepth News - 03rd November 2014
Ambassadors must declare assets, liabilities - Jayantha Dhanapala
Ceylon Today - 31st October 2014
The Foreign Policy of Narendra Modi
IDN-InDepth News - 04th October 2014
David (Hamas) vs. Goliath (Israel)
LMD of October 2014 p 66-68
The Law and Order Crisis
Friday Forum Media Release - 15th September 2014
A Hamas David vs. an Israeli Goliath
IDN-InDepth News - 09th September 2014
Family Bandyism in the Foreign Service is Corruption (In Sinhala)- Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3 & Part 4
Jayantha dhanapala's interview with "Deshaya" - 07th September 2014 p 07
United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution 2014

(In Sinhala)

(In English
Friday Forum Media Release
Lessons Learned : From Mandela or Geneva?
LMD of September 2014 p 82-84
Jayantha Dhanapala speech at NMSJ Web Launch at OPA
NMSJ - 08rd August 2014
Local and foreign HR Committees no beauty contests - Jayantha Dhanapala
Ceylontoday - 03rd August 2014
Bayonet Trumps The Ballot
LMD of August 2014 p 62-64
A Tribute to Mandela
July 2014
Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs : Statement on Gaza
On 14 July 2014 Pugwash President Jayantha Dhanapala and Secretary General Paolo Cotta-Ramusino issued a statement on the situation in Gaza, calling for a ceasefire and prevention of further escalation of the conflict.
The Middle East as a Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone and the NPT
European Leadership Network - 07th July 2014
The Bayonet Trumps The Ballot In Thailand - Analysis
Eurasia Review - 06th July 2014
Profiting from the defenceless (A Friday Forum statement)
The Island - 04th July 2014
From Mubarak to El-Sisi via Tahrir Square
LMD of July 2014 p 60-61
An International Probe can be Pre-empted (In Sinhala)
Divaina - 29th June 2014
Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs : Statement on Iraq and Syria
On 23 June 2014, Pugwash President Amb. Jayantha Dhanapala and Secretary General Prof. Paolo Cotta-Ramusino issued a statement on Iraq and Syria, including an appeal for the early cessation of hostilities. - 23rd June 2014
"The beginning - An essay contest" (In Sinhala)- Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3 & Part 4
Jayantha dhanapala's interview with "Raavaya" - Raavaya Publication - 22nd June 2014 p 23
"Postscript to Aluthgama - Leaders must discuss this" (In Sinhala)
Jayantha dhanapala in "Raavaya" - Raavaya Publication - 22nd June 2014 p 08
Tweets and 'mechanisms' will solve no problem STRONG AND CONCERTED ACTION NEEDED
Dailymirror - 21st June 2014
Visit to Jaffna by a few members of Friday Forum
Dailymirror - 03rd June 2014
Post-war realities in the Northern Province Visit to Jaffna by Friday Forum delegation
The Island - 01st June 2014
The Modi Tsunami : Patel vs. Nehru Legacies
LMD of June 2014 p 62-64
The Modi Tsunami - The Patel Legacy vs. Nehru's Legacy
IDN-InDepth News - 23rd May 2014
CSE notification of Mr. Dhanapala's retirement
09th May 2014
The Noose Tightens
LMD of May 2014 p 108-111
Battling for a Nation's Soul
LMD of April 2014 p 64-65
The Centrepiece of Secular Democracy
LMD of March 2014 p 68-70
Lankadeepa Article - Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3 & Part 4
Lankadeepa - 26th February 2014
Interview with "Aththa" (In Sinhala)
Aththa Publication - 23rd February 2014
Interview with "Ravaya" on Human Rights Council Session in Geneva (In Sinhala) - Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3 & Part 4
Raavaya Publication - 16th February 2014
The Significance of Coming Elections in India
IDN-InDepth News - 5th February 2014
Ides of March are Ominous
LMD of February 2014 p 58-60
Sri Lanka: Plea For Democratic Governance
IDN-InDepth News - 27th January 2014
Wish List for 2014
LMD - 13th January 2014
Breakthrough Over Iran
LMD of January 2014 p 64-66
A Wreath for Nelson Mandela
LMD of January 2014 p 28-29
2013 in Review
LMD - 23rd December 2013
Friday Forum Finds Four Suspect Killing In Cop Double Murder Case 'Curious'; Calls For Accountability For Custodial Deaths
Colombo Telegraph - 17th December 2013
China Revisited
LMD of 17th December 2013
The Road Ahead After Breakthrough Over Iran
IDN-InDepth News - 08th December 2013
A Wreath For Nelson Mandela
IDN-InDepth News - 08th December 2013
Asian Leaders for a Non-nuclear Future - Part 1 & Part 2
NHK Eco Channel - 17th November 2013
Tribute to Dr. Gamani Corea
The Island - 16th November 2013
NOTE : This is a wrong caption by the newspaper and should read "Dr.Gamani Corea - the first UN Under-Secretary-General from Sri Lanka by Jayantha Dhanapala"
Jayantha Dhanapala at The Luxembourg Forum (VIDEO)
Hazar Strateji Enstitüsü - 05th November 2016
Presidential Address by Jayantha Dhanapala at the 60th Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs: Dialogue, Disarmament, & Regional and Global Security, 1-5 November 2013 - Istanbul, Turkey
November 2013
Syria's Fate in the Balance
LMD of November 2013 p 62-64
Unheard Voices – Inequalities in Social Justice
Nobel Peace Laureates Summit, Warsaw, 2013
Spooks and Whistle-Blowers
LMD of October 2013 p 58-60
Friday Forum Statement - Provincial Council Elections and the Opportunities
5th October 2013

Eminent persons to support entry into force of global treaty banning nuclear test

IDN-InDepth News - 30th September 2013
Low Expectations for High-Level Nuke Meet
Inter Press Service - 13th September 2013
Friday Forum Statement - The Need for Public Engagement and Vigilance to Ensure Free and Fair Elections
3rd September 2013
In the Name of Stability?
LMD of September 2013 p 56-58
Statement on Syrian Conflict By Pugwash President Jayantha Dhanapala and Pugwash Secretary General Paolo Cotta-Ramusino
29th August 2013
A Unique Meeting of Powers
LMD of August 2013 p 56-57
Friday Forum Statement - The Importance of a Balanced and Principled Foreign Policy
The Daily Mirror - 9th August 2013
Mitigating the Arms Race
LMD of July 2013 p 62-63
Syria Verdict: Enough is Enough
LMD of June 2013 p 50-53
Move to dilute 13-A: Friday Forum urges political parties to resist
The Island - 10th June 2013
The Five Great Powers Lay Out Their Defense Strategies
PassBlue: Covering the UN - 28th May 2013
Challenges to Democracy
LMD of May 2013 p 86-87
Gratiaen Prize has ‘leavened Sri Lanka’s cultural scene’
The Island - 14th May 2013
A New Generation of Robots
LMD of April 2013 p 62-63
Pre-Empting a New Generation of Killer Robotic Weapons
IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint - 23rd April 2013
Friday Forum Statement - Protecting Inter-religious Harmony and Democratic Freedoms
24th March 2013
A View from the Global South
LMD of March 2013 p 62-64
Friday Forum Statement - Rajapaksa Should Address The Nation Denouncing The Anti-Muslim Campaign and Its Sponsors
7th March 2013
Quest for Peace in the Pacific
LMD of February 2013 p 60-62
Prosperity Through Unity
LMD of February 2013 p 149
The Arctic as a Bridge - 4th February 2013
The Quest for Peace and Calm in the Pacific
PassBlue: Covering the UN - 17th January 2013
Business as usual or a 21st Century Lincoln?
LMD of January 2013 p 50-51
STATE OF THE NATION: Jayantha Dhanapala in the hot seat (Video - Duration 33:09)
LMD Website - 15th January 2013
Friday Forum Statement - Conflict ‘Unaccountable And Unnecessary’: An Open Letter To The President
Colombo Telegraph - 9th January 2013
Friday Forum Statement - A Final Chance to Honour the Constitution and Natural Justice
14th December 2012
Obama’s Second Term: A 21st Century Lincoln?
Albany Tribune - 10th December 2012
The Obama’s Second Term: A 21st Century Lincoln?
IDN-InDepth News - 7th December 2012
Eyeless in Gaza
Asia Times Online - 6th December 2012
The Arctic Region as a Bridge
LMD of December 2012 p 68-69
Meeting with Jayantha Dhanapala at PIR Center
23rd November 2012
Friday Forum Statement - A Deeply Flawed Impeachment Process
Colombo Telegraph - 19th November 2012
Friday Forum Statement - A Plea For A Bipartisan Budget Debate
Colombo Telegraph - 6th November 2012
Closing address by Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala at the Humanitarian Disarmament Campaigns Summit, New York
21st October 2012
Remembering the Cuban Missile Crisis - 17th October 2012
Our Constitution Requires Commitment to Democratic and Not Military Governance
Colombo Telegraph - 6th October 2012
The Assange Affair and a UN Diplomatic Treaty
PassBlue - Covering the UN - 2nd October 2012
L'Affaire Julian Assange
LMD of October 2012 p 56-58
China's Leadership Transition
LMD of September 2012 p 66-67
Hilary Abeyratne – the passing away of a Trinity giant
The Island - 1st September 2012
Friday Forum calls for Red Alert on Education Sector
Daily Financial Times - 31st August 2012
Youth play key role in SL's future
Daily News - 25th August 2012
Humanising International Relations Amidst Realpolitik - Part 1 & Part 2
The Island - 7th & 8th August 2012
The Arrogance of Power - The Friday Forum Statement
The Colombo Telegraph - 25th July 2012
Humanising International Relations Amidst Realpolitik - The address by Jayantha Dhanapala, at an event to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the US-Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission in Sri Lanka
14th June 2012
The Charter of the United Nations
The Daily News - 26th June 2012
Friday Forum Wants New Social Contract Between Government and the People
The Sunday Leader - 24th June 2012
Media Release - Appointment of Jayantha Dhanapala to The International Advisory Board of the Centre for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (CNND)
31st May 2012
The sudden death of Sri Lankan Diplomacy
LMD of May 2012 p 62-63
A nuclear clash could starve the world
CNN - 11th May, 2012
NWFZS and Extended Nuclear Deterrence: Squaring the Circle?
Nautilus Peace and Security (NAPSNet) - 1st May 2012

Statement of Jayantha Dhanapala, President of The Pugwash Conferences on Science & World Affairs at the 12th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

24th April 2012
Friday Forum Statement - The wise give up the idea of victory and defeat
The Island - 15th April 2012
Iran-West Relations
LMD of April 2012 p 64-65
Defusing the nuclear powder keg
The Hindu - 4th April 2012
Friday Forum Statement - Govt. Must Present Road Map For Implementing Recommendations In LLRC Report
The Sunday Leader - 1st April 2012
National Interests and Foreign Relations
The Island - 30th March 2012
Dhanapala on Iran
Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA)- 22nd March 2012
Learning from Our Youth
LMD of March 2012 p 87
Prosperity Through Unity
LMD of February 2012 p 149
Wanted: A Foreign Policy for Post-Conflict Sri Lanka
LMD of February 2012 p 82 - 83
From the Archives - Homage to Bill Sinnethamby
A Tribute from Sri Lankan of the Year 2006 - Inspirational Leader
LMD of December 2011 p 126 - 127

Worrying developments and threat to academic autonomy in Sri Lanka universities

The Sunday Times - 27th November 2011

Friday Forum on socio-economic development and democracy
Financial Times - 23rd November 2011

The Echo of a Great Voice - Appreciation - Father Claver Perera

15th October 2011
Stop Corruption - Interview on Benchmark with Savithri Rodrigo
- Part 1 & Part 2
7th August 2011
The Outlier States
LMD of August 2011
Challenges to Lanka serious - CONFRONT THEM
Sunday Lakbima - 31st July 2011

Economic development alone will not satisfy minority grievances

Lakbima - 30th July 2011
Reform of the Global Order Seems a Long Way Off
DN-InDepth NewsViewpoint - 21st July 2011
The lonely exile as a creative writer - A review of ‘SRI LANKA – Literary Essays & Criticism' by Charles Sarvan - Review by Jayantha Dhanapala
The Sunday Island - 3rd July 2011
Leadership Training for University Entrants
The Friday Forum Press Release - 10th June 2011
The Report of The United Nations Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka
The Friday Forum Press Release - 25th May 2011

Friday Forum Statement on Recent Appointments to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka

The Island - 26th March 2011
Hard power and soft power

The Island - 12th February 2011


Civil Society and Democratic Rights and Liberties

The Island - 11th February 2011
Two Cheers for a New Start
LMD of February 2011 p 78 - 79
Double Standards Must End
LMD of February 2011 p159
The Oxford Debacle
LMD of January 2011, p 82 - 83
Two Cheers for New START
IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint - 24th December 2010

The Quest for one world – the odyssey of judge Weeramantry

The Island - 27th November 2010
Stoking an Asian Cold War?
IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint - 10th November 2010
The Rush for Nuclear Power
LMD of November 2010 p 79
Evaluating the 2010 NPT Review Conference
United States Institute of Peace (USIP) - Special Report - October 2010
A Case for Global Reform
LMD of October 2010 p 77
Learning our Lessons from War
LMD of October 2010 p 167
Protecting our Country Image
LMD of September 2010 p 163
Plea for 'Aviyata Thitha'
LMD of September 2010 p 71
Panel Composition, Written Submissions and the Transcript of Jayantha Dhanapala's presentation and of the question and answer session from the LLRC
1st September 2010
Audio Recordings of Jayantha Dhanapala's presentation and of the question and answer session from the LLRC - Side A (42.5 MB) & Side B (32.5 MB)
[Note: the recordings are in .mp3 format and will take approx. 40 minutes to download per side]
25th August 2010

Nuclear Spring: Interview with Jayantha Dhanaplala

Peace Magazine Jul-Sep 2010, page 8
Pugwash Leaders Commend Addition of Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Site as World Heritage Site and Urge Concrete Progress on Disarmament, on 65th Anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings
- Statement by Jayantha Dhanapala, Pugwash President and Paolo Cotta-Ramusino, Pugwash Secretary General
6th August 2010
Speech given at Sarvodaya for the Annual Trust Award
29th July 2010
Letter to The Editor, Daily Mirror
14th July 2010
Statement on the Conclusion of the NPT Review Conference
29th May 2010

The Future of Nuclear Weapons

TVO - 'The Agenda'
21st May 2010

After START--What Next? David Speedie Interviews Jayantha Dhanapala

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
17th May 2010

Secretary-General Meets President of Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs

United Nations, New York
7th May 2010
Statement of Jayantha Dhanapala at the 8th NPT Review Conference - NGO Session
7th May 2010

Practical Moves to Reset the NPT Bargain

Article on The Other News Website - IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint, April 30, 2010
Common Responsibilities in the NPT—Shared or Asymmetrical?
Article taken from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences - A Carnegie Endowmet publication
April 2010
Interview: Only disarmament can bring true nuclear security: former UN expert
Xinhua News Agency Report
April 8 2010
Nuclear Weapon-Free Zones – Affirmative Action by Non-Nuclear Weapon States in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Click here to view the video
March 23 2010
Hope for a nuclear weapons free world - The historic treaty between Russia and the U.S. is a harbinger of greater warhead reductions to come
The Ottawa Citizen - April 1st 2010
Pugwash President Jayantha Dhanapala on the US-Russian START Treaty
March 29 2010
Building a National Consensus
LMD of April 2010 p 155
Hugs help heal wounds in divided Sri Lanka
BBC Online Edition, 25 March 2010
Planning for the 2010 NPT Review Conference: A Practitioner's Overview
March 2010, Pugwash Issue Brief
“I think Sri Lanka has the unique ability to shoot itself in the foot…"
Interview with Benchmark - March 2010
Towards (global) Zero Nukes
LMD of March 2010 p 61-62
Article on idakada (a website in Sinhala)
1st March 2010
A Safer World for All
Article taken from the e-journal titled "A world Free of Nuclear Weapons" of the US Department of State - Feb 2010, Vol 15, Number 2

A Safer No Nukes World for All

Article at NewsBlaze - Feburary 23, 2010

Hiroshima and the World: No More Hiroshimas

Article written for the Hiroshima Peace Media Center - February 15, 2010

Unified Approach Needed for Nuclear Disarmament

Article on The Other News Website, February 2, 2010
The Management of NPT diplomacy
Article written for Daedalus - Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences - Winter 2010, Vol. 139, No. 1, Pages 57-67

Building an International Commitment to Global Zero

Statement made at the Global Zero Summit in Paris, February 4, 2010
Yaroslavl: Unification of Policy and Intellect
Yaroslavl Edition of the Russian Institute Newsletter in English - Smart Policy in Post-Western World - January 12, 2010
“Connecting Inconvenient Truths: The Urgency of Nuclear Disarmament in a World of Pressing Problems”
Mr. Dhanapala's address at the Royal Society, December 1, 2009
The Global Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Regime. Challenges and Prospects for the Future
Interview with Mr. Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala, President of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, November 26, 2009
Protecting Obama
LMD of November 2009 p 67 Vol 16 Issue 4 ISSN 1391-135 X
Click here
The Notion of Nation State is not Weakening
Article in STANDPOINT of the WEEK: Yaroslavl - 2009: A Forum for Post-Crisis World
Weekly Edition of the Russian Institute September 21, 2009
Click here
“Political Davos” in Yaroslavl proves the modern state is alive and kicking
14th September 2009
Click here
RussiaToday - Interview with Jayantha Dhanpala
Click here
Tribute to Prof. Warren Ranjithan Breckenridge 1938-2009
The Island
13th September 2009
The China Bogey
LMD of August 2009 p 63,64 Vol 16, Issue 1, ISSN 1391-135X
Click here
Presidential Address by Jayantha Dhanapala at the 58th Pugwash Conference in The Hague, The Netherlands
20 April 2009
Obama to Bolster Nuclear Disarmament at U.N.
12 August 2009

Brief Report on Visit of the President of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs Amb. Jayantha Dhanapala to The Russian Federation

1- 4 June 2009
Click here
Current challenges to the non-proliferation regime
Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala, SIPRI Board Member at the Press launch of SIPRI Yearbook 2009 in Stockholm
8 June 2009
"Voices of Experience"
Panel event organized by the Global Security Institute, the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs, and the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
May 7, 2009

Statement from the President of Pugwash on the CD breakthrough

3rd June 2009
Click here
IPPNW joint European and Russian/CIS meeting and symposium in Helsinki
23-26 April 2009
Q & A: "Springtime of Hope" Seen for Nuke Disarmament
Thalif Deen interviews JAYANTHA DHANAPALA, former under-secretary-general for disarmament affairs
4th May 2009
Remove, Don't Reset the Nuclear Button
Article in the Asahi Shimbun
1st April 2009
Scrapping nuclear arms is now realpolitik
Times Online
1st April 2009
IN MEMORIAM - In honour of past Trinitians
The Sunday Island
29th March 2009
Tribute to W.T. Jayasinghe
The Sunday Island
22nd March 2009
Statement by a Group of Concerned Sri Lankans
March 2009
Click here

War with political deal a must - Dhanapala

The Bottom Line
04th March 2009
YouTube Interview of Jayantha Dhanapala, President, Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, on the 'breakthrough idea' of the Summit on the Global Agenda held in Dubai on 9th November 2008
Concluding remarks by Mr. Dhanapala at the press launch of the SIPRI Yearbook 2008
The persistence of “-isms” in international relations
The Hindu
18th September 2008
"The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" compiled by Wijith DeChickera in the LMD Magazine titled 'Most Respected Entities in Sri lanka - The Top 100"
LMD Magazine - August 2008, Fourth Annual Edition, ISSN 1800-3117, A Media Services publication, P 35,36
Click here
New Pugwash President Jayantha Dhanapala visited Japan during the first week of August to help mark the anniversaries of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and meet with a wide range of Japanese policymakers and experts


Article on Symposium "Promoting the Power of Citizens for Nuclear Abolition"

Video Message of Amb. Dhanapala_ (

Stop Corruption! - LMD Advertising Campaign
Lanka Monthly Digest
August 2008
Jayantha Dhanapala: Felicitation Volume
Daily Mirror
9th July 2008
Disarmament, corruption, brings conflict into sharp focus
19th July 2008
Daily Mirror
19th July 2008
A Nonproliferation Disaster - Written by Jayantha Dhanapala and Daryl Kimball
10th July 2008
Proliferation Analysis

Eminent Diplomat and Scholar Dhanapala joins Cargills Board

Press Release
Averting a catastrophe
LMD Vol 14, issue 10 May 2008, ISSN 1391 135X, p 59

U.N. Diplomat visits Vancouver to receive the Simons Foundation’s Global Leadership Award

7 April 2008
Press Release
The Quest for Peace and Disarmament after World War II
Dharma World, Jan-Mar. 2008 Vol 35, ISSNO387-5970, P 10-12
Former UN Official Named To Simons Visiting Chair In International Law And Human Security
10 January 2008
Press Release
Media Communique - Resignation from the post of Senior Advisor to His Excellency the President
December 31, 2007
Mr.Jayantha Dhanapala, who was appointed to the post of Senior Adviser to His Excellency the President on December 1, 2005 has submitted his resignation for personal reasons effective 31 December 2007. Mr.Dhanapala, a former Ambassador of Sri Lanka and a former Secretary-General of SCOPP, had served as Senior Adviser in an honorary capacity. Mr.Dhanapala continues to be Chairman of the UN University Council and President of the Pugwash Conferences on Science & World Affairs in addition to serving on many Boards in Sri Lanka and abroad.
Peace Bureau to award MacBride Prize to Sri Lankan Diplomat
November 8, 2007
Press Communique
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s message to the fifty-seventh Pugwash
Conference, in Bari, Italy, on 21 October
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Pugwash Press Releases:
Dhanapala Appointed President of the Pugwash Conferences
Sir Arthur C. Clarke sends Greeting to Pugwash
October 26, 2007
Press Release

Dhanapala Appointed President of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

October 26, 2007
Press Release
When push comes to shove
LMD 14, issue 2, Sept 2007, ISSN 1391 135X p 63, 64, 65
Dhanapala joins Dialog Telekom Board as Independent Director
August 7, 2007
Lanka Business Online
Hope for a Nuclear Thaw
July 2007
SGI Quarterly
The Need for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Sri Lanka
May 23, 2007
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Forum 2000 Conference: Freedom & Responsibility  
March 14, 2007
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Bridging a Great Gulf
LMD 2007,Vol 13, Issue 7, ISSN 1391-135X p49-51
A Little War and No Peace Is Not Desirable
LMD 2007,Vol 13, Issue 7, ISSN 1391-135X, p73
LMD’s ‘Sri Lankan of the Year’ - Jayantha Dhanapala  
January 2007
Jayantha Dhanapala – Magnanimous in defeat  
Sunday Island
January 07, 2007
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Jayantha Dhanapala appointed as Chair of UNU Council  
Daily News
November 27, 2006
Veteran Sri Lankan Diplomat Jayantha Dhanapala Appointed as Chair of UNU Council  
Asian Tribune
November 25, 2006
A Dignified campaign  
Daily News
October 20, 2006
Dhanapala: It was the right thing at the right moment  
By Namini Wijedasa
Sunday Island
October 01, 2006
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The Darfur Gap  
By Jayantha Dhanapala
New York Times
September 28, 2006
Secretary or General? 
The Island
September 14, 2006
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Changing the United Nations  
Daily News
September 14, 2006
' UN Secretary-General must be the consensus builder and harmoniser in the UN membership '  
Daily News
September 05, 2006
Jayantha Dhanapala – strong contender for top UN post  
The Island
September 05, 2006
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Jayantha Dhanapala, Lanka's sole choice  
Daily News
August 29, 2006
The Candidates Respond -
Response from Jayantha Dhanapala of Sri Lanka
August 28, 2006
Ambassador Dhanapala Lanka's only candidate for top UN post  
Daily News
August 28, 2006
Dhanapala not discouraged by UNSC straw poll  
By PK Balachandran
July 27, 2006,00160130.htm
UN's rising star wants ambassador role for Blair  
By David Smith
The Observer
July 23, 2006,,1826919,00.html
Sri Lanka's best-known diplomat eyes the UN  
The Straits Times
July 22, 2006
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Ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka 'can be resolved '
By Ravi Velloor
The Straits Times
July 22, 2006
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Sri Lanka's candidate for the top UN post talks of changing the world body  
By Neville de Silva
Diplomatic Editor Asian Tribune
July 20, 2006
No other Lankan nominated for UN top job - Foreign Minister  
By Rasika Somarathna
Daily News
July 20, 2006
Sri Lankan seeks support for top UN job  
By Jennifer Campbell
The Ottawa Citizen
June 28, 2006
Sri Lanka's Candidate for UN Secretary-General Position Looks for Support in Ottawa  
By Lee Berthiaume
Canada's Foreign Policy Newsweekly
June 28, 2006
Jayantha Dhanapala - Diplomat Cum Sportsman  
Sporting Personalities with Ken de Joodt
Sport Extra - Daily News
June 24, 2006
Sri Lankan candidate for Annan’s succession extols multilateralism  
khaleej Times
June 24, 2006
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Eliminating Terrorism Will Be My Priority, Says UN Top Post Nominee  
Mohammed Rasooldeen
Arab News
June 20, 2006§ion=0&article=84072&d=20&m=6&y=2006
Sri Lanka nominates Annan successor 
Independent Online
June 09, 2006
Dhanapala leads race for top UN job 
By Indo Asian News Service
New York,
June 08, 2006
The List: Who Wants to Lead the United Nations?
Foreign Policy Journal
June 5, 2006
Give Asia A Chance To Lead UN, Says Sri Lankan Envoy  
By P. Vijian
Malaysian National News Agency
June 04, 2006
Is it time for an Asian UN chief?  
By Yun Tang
The Christian Science Monitor
May 31, 2006
Male to back Dhanapala’s bid for UN SG post - Shaheed  
by Zacki Jabbar
(Source: The Island)
May 30, 2006
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Sri Lankan UN candidate woos developing world at Nam meet  
Zee News - Noida,India
May 28, 2006
Dhanapala says he is committed to UN reforms  
(Source : The Peninsula)
May 24, 2006
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A tide that is lifting all boats  
By Jayantha Dhanapala,
Special to Gulf News
May 23, 2006
UN chief's visit spotlights race in Asia for his seat  
By Deutsche Presse-Agentur
May 13, 2006
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Sri Lankan Envoy Calls On President  
By Times Reporter
Saturday, 13 May 2006
Sri Lankan candidate for UN post in Dar  
By Kilasa Mtambalike
Daily News - TSN - Dar Es Salaam,United Republic of Tanzania
May 03,2006
UN Secretary General candidate underlines need for balanced UN reform   
Xinhua - People's Daily Online
April 24, 2006
S. Lanka’s UN candidate says man to deal with Iran
By Peter Apps - Reuters
April 20, 2006
(Source: Khaleej Times)
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South Asia should unite behind one of its own 
By Ramesh Thakur
The Hindu
April 8, 2006
Dhanapala promises to reform the UN
Official News Website of Sri Lanka
April 7, 2006
Candidate promises to reform the U.N.  
By Sharon Behn
The Washington Times
April 5, 2006
Top UN seat likely to go to Asia
By Upali Obeyesekere
Lanka Everything.Com
April 3, 2006
A Sri Lankan coveting the seat of Kofi Annan
Translated copy of ‘Un Sri-Lankais convoite le siège de Kofi Annan’
March 16, 2006
French Version
English translation
The way forward: The consensus nexus
LMD March 2006, Vol 12 issue 8, ISSN 1391-135X, p 118-119
UN needs "experienced pair of hands," says Dhanapala
Austrian Press Agency News Bulletin
March 15, 2006
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Jayantha Dhanapala: The global candidate for UNSG
By Ivan Corea
March 9, 2006
Lankan diplomat hopes to fill top UN position
Gulf Times
March 5, 2006 no=75103&version=1&template_id=36&parent_id=16
Quintessential Diplomat now the Global Candidate
By Lucian Rajakaraunanayake
Daily News
March 4, 2006
Jayantha Dhanapala, Sri Lankan and Global citizen
By Malinda Seneviratne
Business Standard
March 4, 2006
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UN reforms will benefit all : Dhanapala
By V.S.Sambandan
The Hindu
March 2, 2006
Candidate for top UN post seeks Qatar's support
The Peninsula
March 2, 2006
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UN post : Jayantha Dhanapala - A man of integrity
By Ivan Corea
March 1, 2006
Daily News
By Preethi Kannangara
March 1, 2006
Copyright: ANCL
Dr.Dhanapala's candidature rallying point in consensus - Mangala
February 28, 2006
Website launched for Sri Lanka's official candidate for UN Secretary
General's position
Asian Tribune
February 28,2006
UN reforms must serve national interests of member states - Dr.Dhanapala
By Rashomi Silva
Daily News
February 28, 2006
UN candidate to press for reforms
February 27, 2006
Official website for Dhanapala
February 27, 2006
Sri Lanka's candidate for UN chief steps up campaign
February 27,2006
Jayantha Dhanapala: Sri Lanka's candidate for the post of United
Nations Secretary-General
By Asia News
TPM Cafe
February 27, 2006
Contenders for UN's top job face off at Davos
Davos, Switzerland (AFP)
Kevin McElderry
January 27, 2006
Candidate for Top U.N. Job Sets Out Vision for Reform
Interview with Jayantha Dhanapala
By Ayca Ariyoruk
U.N. ReformWatch No.7
January 23, 2006 unreformwatch7_2.htm
In selecting new U.N. secretary general, leadership most important factor
Ramesh Thakur
Special to The Daily Yomiuri
February 3, 2006
Sri Lanka's Candidacy - our man in the UN
LMD, January 2006, vol 12, issue 6 ISSN 1391-135X,P 127,128
To run U.N., be diplomatic
By Maggie Farley
Los Angeles Times
January 22, 2006 NEWS06/601220507/1012/NEWS06
Jayantha Dhanapala - South Asian Personality of the Year Asian Personalities of the Year 01/03/200601030002.asp
The United Nation's Response to 9/11
Terrorism and Political violence, edited by Magnus Ranstorp and Paul Wilkinson, Vol 17 Winter 2005, Number 1-2, Routledge Taylor and Francis, ISSN 0954-6553, P 17 - 23.
A Diplomat On The Death Of A Statesman
LMD September 2005, Vol 12, issue 2, ISSN 1391-135X ,p 85
Jayantha Dhanapala: A Solid U.N. Manager with a Dynamic Approach
9 September 2005
P-TOMS: A Window Of Opportunity For Peace
LMD, August 2005, vol 12, issue 1, ISSN 1391-135X, p 81
Campaigns to Succeed Annan at U.N. Are Underway
By Colum Lynch
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, November 26, 2005
A South Asian eyes the top UN job
Nepal News Daily
Sri Lanka Launches UN Bid
Neville de Silva - Diplomatic Editor Asian Tribune
3 May, 2005
Weapons of Peace
LMD Vol 10, issue 9 , ISSN 1391 135X, April 2004 , P73, 74
"Striped Pants" Marketing
LMD ,July 1997, vol 3, issue 12, ISSN 1391 135X p 12, 13, 14
Big Picture
LMD ,July 1997, vol 3, issue 12, ISSN 1391 135X p 17-18
Copyright Media Services (Publisher of LMD)
  State of the World
By Wijith De Chickera
  Reproduced with permission from LMD, Sri Lanka's pioneering business magazine
  Soul of a Diplomat
By Savithri Rodrigo
  Reproduced with permission from LMD, Sri Lanka's pioneering business magazine
  The World, the UN and Us
  Reproduced with permission from LMD, Sri Lanka's pioneering business magazine
  Road Map to Progress - Speech made at IICS Convocation 2003
  Reproduced with permission from LMD, Sri Lanka's pioneering business magazine
Sri Lankan to lead inspection of Saddam's Presidential Sites
by Betsy Pisik
The Washington Times
27 February, 1998
Man in the News: Jayantha Dhanapala; The Helmsman for the Nuclear Arms Pact
New York Times - 24th May 1995
The Helmsman for the Nuclear Arms Pact
by Barbara Crossette
New York Times International
14 May 1995
Interview with a Diplomat by Eric Szeto/News Writer
The Ubyssey
Volume 85 Issue 44
Tuesday March 16, 2004
Gender Action Plan - Department of Disarmament Affairs (DDA), First in UN Secretariat to Launch
By Cheryl Larsen
Equal Times-Group on Equal Rights for Women at the United Nations (GERWUN)
Special 2003 Edition
The NPT Review Process: Identifying New Ideas to Strengthen the Regime

J Dhanapala
Published in UNIDIR NewsLetter
The Enhanced Review Process: Towards 2000
pp 9 - 14
1998 no 37

Dhanapala: U.N. in Need of Reform
by Susan Duncan
‘Effingham Daily News’
Tuesday 18, 1996
NPT Extended Indefinitely with Greater Accountability      PG2     PG3
by Jim Wurst
Disarmament Times
18 May 1995
Embassy Row to U.N.?
by James Morrison
The Washington Times
8 June 1995
Ceylon Youth Attends US Students Forum
American News
25 October 1956
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